Longest Road on Earth
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The longest road on Earth is an interactive experience that tells the not at all extraordinary lives of four people.

Through their stories you will be able to grasp a bit of their routine and circumstances
that, even though different, may evoke unexpected yet familiar impressions in you.

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In this game you won’t find any text at all. It’s just you, the stories, and music.


The Longest Road on Earth talks about normal stories, stories in which most dreams aren’t made true, and may keep us wondering about our life choices. Yet behind non extraordinary lives we find rather extraordinary moments.

The privacy of your home, your friend’s laughter, your journey to work, watching the trees swaying. These little experiences may have meant the world for someone.


It started as an idea back in 2019 in a conversation between Arturo Monedero and Edu Verz. Distances, routines, and relations were concepts that both wanted to explore. BeĆ­coli and Mohammed Bakir joined the team to work on a prototype.


After a few months of development, a set of routinary yet special scenes accompanied with soulful music was built. The trailer was released along a Kickstarter campaign to make the whole project a reality.

The game was successfully funded in Kickstarter on the 5th of January, 2020